HeadStrait Labs

Providing innovative head and neck immobilization solutions for emergency transportation.

Medical Device

The HeadStrait device is an innovative technology- enabled system that provides for the safe and effective immobilization for all patients during emergency transportation.

EMT Educational Improvements

Improve the evaluation, training, and education of paramedics, EMTs, and emergency medical personnel.

AI Driven Improvements

Coming Soon.

Meet Our Team

Alyssa Theroux


M.S. Biomedical Engineering
- HealthTech & Life Sciences
- Quality Engineering
- Business Strategy
Mary Squire


M.S. Biomedical Engineering
M.S. Engineering & Technology Innovation Management
- Medical Device Development
- Manufacturing Engineering
Jim Nolan

Executive Chairman of The Board

CEO of IPD, has over 30 years of experience successfully raising funds for life sciences start-up companies domestically and globally. Jim is a partner and the principal business consultant for HSL.

Carnegie Mellon University Biomedical Engineers announce Integrated Technology Medical Device and break into $192B Industry.

Our Story

Void in Patient Care

"The vast majority of trauma cases are still treated the same way they have been for decades..."
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